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8/11/2021 "Buio" at MedFilm Festival in Rome. 8/11 h. 17:30 Cinema Savoy (Free entry)
Live streaming from 11th to 14th of November on MyMovies platform

31/10/2021 "Buio" at Granice/Borders - European Festival of Theatre in Prison in Poland. Live streaming 31/10 h. 17 available here (free entry)

27/09/2021 Special Mention Award at LiberAzioni Festival 2021 - Turin

"Buio" is the first film contribution made during the course of the theatrical training project "Scenari Futuri" that Fort Apache Cinema Teatro conducts inside Velletri Prison from 2020 with the support of Regione Lazio, in collaboration with IISS Cesare Battisti - Velletri - Prison Section.

A group of men have lived for a long time inside a submarine, in a post-war and post-apocalyptic scenario in which they have lost memories and their relationship with the terrestrial world. Through metal nets that they throw into the water, these survivors collect scraps, semi-destroyed objects of the land, they don’t recognize them, the names and functions, but they jealously keep them in the submarine’s warehouse, catalogued by shape, colour and characteristics. They document everything in a great secular book, in the hope that one day, through associations and assemblages, they will be able to remember. "Buio" is a journey into the darkness of the abyss between the black holes of the memory and the desire for a future, in search of salvation.

GENRE: Short film




With inmate actors from Velletri Prison

Directed by Giulio Maroncelli

Acting coach Chiara Cavalieri

Story by Valentina Esposito

Written by Gabriella Indolfi

Hosted by Chiara Cavalieri, Giulio Maroncelli, Martina Storani

General coordination Martina Storani

Tutor Antonino Marrari

Mentor Giancarlo Porcacchia

Edited by Federico Lena (Jumping Flea)

Illustrations Marco C.

Music by Mario Perrone

Art Director Valentina Esposito

Produced by Fort Apache Cinema Teatro, with the support of Regione Lazio, in collaboration with Ministero della Giustizia - Dipartimento dell’Amministrazione Penitenziaria - Casa Circondariale di Velletri, Garante delle persone private della libertà della Regione Lazio, Ministero della cultura, I.I.S.S. Cesare Battisti di Velletri - Sezione Carceraria.

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