In occasion of the wedding of the last and only female daughter of a numerous all male family, three generations of people linked by ancient sorrows and unsolved misunderstandings, come together again. The ceremony becomes a pretext to put back on the same table the fathers’ fathers and the children’s children, the dead and the living, to consume an affair of love and hatred, suspended between past and present, dream and reality.

The carrying out of the plot animates the true meaning of a pièce that tries to plumb the souls of men whom suffered for the distant attachments during the long years of imprisonment, the far away sons, the lost loves, now they find again each other attempting an emotional reconstruction of a difficult relationship made of claims and rebellions, looking for the universal significance of being fathers and sons.

A modern and grotesque restatement of the ancient Greek topic of fault, a ruthless research about the family as a solid and contradictory “institution” within which relations are consumed, destinies are constructed and where identities are put in place and collide.