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Workshop of integrated theater training formation with former prisoners and prisoners under alternative measures and students from La Sapienza University of Rome - Department of Art History and Performing Arts


Since 2014 Fort Apache fits in the Research and Formation routes at La Sapienza - University of Rome and is headquartered in the Department of Art History and Performing Arts (ex Vetrerie Sciarra, via dei Volsci, 22 – RM). The partnership with the University and the conferment of an institutionally recognized work location, validates the project with a huge symbolic worth, becoming a strong signal of opening to the community on the path leading to the reinsertion of the former prisoners in the society.

The workshop is open to all the students of the Department and it offers the opportunity to experience practice of Theatre in Prison with detained actors under alternative measures and former prisoners in and out the reclusion spaces: formation and qualification on the field of Social Theatre, experience of management, introduction to the ways of creation in dramaturgy, elements of orientation to the work of the actor and the theater operator in social and artistic mediation projects, with a specific reference point on the function of theatrical activities in the path to social and working reinsertion of detained and ex detained citizens.



The permanent workshop of theatrical and cultural formation speaks to all detainee who gets out free or under alternative measures (partial freedom, custody to community services, home detention etc..) with the partnership of the Ministry of Justice – Department of Penitentiary Administration, Directorate of Rebibbia N.C., Surveillance Court of Rome and the Office of External Penal Execution of Rome. The project intends to create a stable shelter structure for these disadvantaged categories, reference point for who becomes free in the difficult path of reinsertion into the society, reconstruction of affections, social relationships, working relations. The second aim is linked to the theoretical research and the codification of a science in the performative art applied at the social, through the identification of guide lines and shared methodologies useful to transmit an experience matured on field. The third aim concerns the social and artistic communication with the world of schools and education, theater academies and universities and the promotion of continuous fusions between the italian theatrical tradition and the experimental theater of social vocation through meetings, seminaries and public demonstrations of work.

More info: Dipartimento Storia dell'Arte e dello Spettacolo


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